“For wisdom will enter your heart and knowledge will fill you with joy” Proverbs 2:10

forum season 2024

Chairpersons: Al and Kathy Hubbard

Sunday, January 7 —  MIKE GALLAGHER, US Representative from Wisconsin 8th Congressional district. Chairman of the Bipartisan Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party. Served in the Marine Corps including two deployments to Iraq. Princeton undergrad and PhD in international relations from Georgetown.

Sunday, January 14 —  HENRY KRAVIS, Co Founder of KKR; Pioneer of leveraged buyouts, very generous Philanthropist.

Sunday, February 4 —  BILL BARR, Former U.S. Attorney General for both the GW Bush administration and the Trump administration.

Sunday, February 11 —  NO FORUM, (Super Bowl Sunday)

Sunday, February 18 — STAN DRUCKENMILLER, One of America’s Top Investors; Founder of Duquesne Capital Management.

Sunday, February 25 — JIM NANTZ, Sportscaster. Nantz has been the lead play-by-play voice for The NFL on CBS since 2004.

Sunday, March 3 — DINA POWELL AND DAVE McCORMICK, A Power Couple: Dina is former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, National Security Advisor under President Trump and is currently Vice Chairman of Global Client Services for MBT & MSD. Dave was Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs for President GW Bush and later was President of Bridgewater, the largest hedge fund in the world. He is the Republican candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania.

Monday, March 18 — FRANCES ARNOLD, American Chemical Engineer and 2018 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry for developing proteins that catalyze chemical reactions. Professor of Chemical Engineering at California Institute of Technology; Holds more than 60 US Patents; Co-Founder of three companies in sustainable fuels, chemistry, and agriculture.

Sunday, April 7 – JIMMY HASLAM, JOHN MARA AND STEVE PAGLIUCA, Owners of the Cleveland Browns, the New York Giants, and the Boston Celtics.

“No matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

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